Bojta ING dooel export-import Skopje is a company dealing in manufacture, production, installation, consultation-design, and marketing of all types of traffic signs and equipment. The entire manufacturing program is strictly regulated by valid norms and regulations applied to this field in R. Macedonia as well as the EU and world.

In its line of business, Bojta ING dooel Skopje participates and operates in the following:

– Design and digital update and filing of documentation for traffic solutions and temporary traffic solution;

– Marking of horizontal signalization on roads and parking lots;

– Manufacture and installation of vertical signalization, signs, signposts and speed decelerators;

– Setting up speed decelerators;

– Manufacture and installation of traffic lights with fixed and changeable contents based on the LED technology;

– All types of maintenance and supply of traffic accessories and road equipment;

– Manufacture and installation of signs for protection during road works and notification signs;

– Manufacture and installation of commercial graphics (advertisements, brand signboards, window displays, etc.)

Bojta ING dooel Skopje have at their disposal production facilities equipped for complete manufacture and installation of all types of traffic signs and equipment and they apply the latest technical software’s and programs for the design, development and production from the idea to the final product.

The company applies the advantages of the latest technological solutions and material manufacture in the production of traffic signs from accredited manufacturers in the world such are 3M. They possess certificates for the technological procedures applied in the realization of the products and references acquired on the basis of the quality of their work in dealing with the requests in this field.